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My desk is next to the closet, so I took the door off and replaced it with a curtain.

Perhaps that’s why the prevailing podcast marketing strategy is beginning to change.

Instead of pursuing signups and orders, companies—especially larger ones—are increasingly hoping that podcast advertisements create positive associations for their brand.

And, as podcasting is poised to scale up in audience size and investigative ambition, will larger companies with deeper pockets see the same things?

Representatives of the companies I spoke to for this article (the four companies named above, plus Scion) all told me similar stories about how their companies came to sponsor podcasts.

None of them have the outsize marketing presence in other media that they do in prerecorded audio—they’re podcast famous.

What promise do these companies see in buying these ads?

The companies that, like Scion, advertise on podcasts to build their brand are well aware of how podcasts and their hosts make listeners feel.

“People tend to have warmer feelings about advertisers on podcasts than other media, and they tend to remember us a lot more than on other media,” says Mark Di Cristina, the director of marketing at Mailchimp.

There is an intimacy to having a nonthreatening voice piped directly into listeners’ ears, and advertisers bank on that.

Most of them started buying advertising slots four or five years ago, and directed their efforts toward shows with devoted followings of web developers and programmers.

At that time, podcasts were thought to draw the entrepreneurial, early-adopter types that these dotcoms were chasing.

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